Microsoft May Retire Wavy Windows Logo

Paul Lilly

Microsoft first introduced its four-color Windows logo over two decades ago with the launch of Windows 3.0 in May 1990 and it's been waving ever since. It's been altered over the years, with the Redmond software giant adding color gradients, shading, reflections, and other artistry tidbits to maintain a modern flair, but with the launch of Windows 8, the familiar logo might undergo a somewhat radical makeover.

Chinese website posted what it claims are exclusive pictures of the redesigned logo, both as it appears in an upcoming Windows 8 consumer preview beta and as a physical button on an upcoming tablet. It wouldn't be difficult to fake either photo, and on the flipside, it wouldn't be hard to imagine Microsoft running with the new logo, which sports a flattened 4-square diagonal window pane that would look right at home with Microsoft's Metro UI.

What are your thoughts on the leaked logo?

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