Microsoft Manager: We Copied Mac OS X


Apple would argue that Microsoft has been ripping off its Mac OS GUI ever since Windows was first introduced, a notion Microsoft has dismissed on more than one occasion. That being the case, we're willing to bet the Redmond company isn't too thrilled that one of its managers is flapping his gums about Windows 7 taking a liberal cue from Mac OS X.

"One of the things that people say an awful lot about the Apple Mac is that the OS is fantastic, that it's very graphical and easy to use," said Simon Aldous, partner group manager with Microsoft. "What we've tried to do with Windows 7 -- whether it's traditional format or in a touch format -- is create a Mac look and feel in terms of graphics."

Spending a little time with the redesigned Taskbar is all it takes to see what Aldous is talking about, and it's not too difficult to find other similarities, either. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, though it's not something you want to flaunt if you're Microsoft, or one of Microsoft's managers. These types of admissions have a way of ending up twisted, taken out of context, and capitalized on by Mac OS pitchmen Justin Long and John Hodgman.

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