Microsoft Makes Room for 10,000 More Intune Beta Testers

Paul Lilly

Just one of the many announcements coming out of Microsoft's annual Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) on Monday, the software Goliath talked up new features and wider availability of its Windows Intune beta, a cloud-based management and security platform.

"On April 19, Brandon LeBlanc announced the first public beta of Windows Intune, available to more than 1,000 customers and IT partners in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. We saw a lot of excitement from partners and customers and the beta filled up very quickly," Alex Heaton, Group Project Manager for Windows Intune at Microsoft, said in a blog post.

"Now we want to give more of you an opportunity to try Windows Intune. Today we are expanding the scope of the beta to 10,000 accounts and increasing the regions to the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, UK, and Italy."

Not for the casual observer, Heaton says only those who are able to test the platform on up to five PCs should sign up for the beta, as Microsoft is trying to gather feedback "to ensure a quality final release."

As for pricing, Heaton said Windows Intune will include the cloud management service with integrated anti-malware (AV and anti-spyware) plus Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade rights bundled together in a single subscription for $11 per PC, per month.

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