Microsoft Loves Open Source (Stop Laughing)

Paul Lilly

Windows is proprietary. Microsoft Office is proprietary. Internet Explorer is proprietary. In fact, just about every piece of code that comes out of Redmond is proprietary, yet Microsoft likes, nay, LOVES open source. That's right, Sir Skepticism, the largely closed source software giant has a soft spot for open source software, or so Microsoft claims.

"We love open source," says Jean Paoli of Microsoft in a recent interview with Network World (told you so). "We have worked with open source for a long time now."

So where does that leave Linux, Microsoft's main rival next to the Mac OS X platform? Linux and open source aren't necessarily inclusive, and according to Paoli, Microsoft goofed by equating all open source technology to Linux "very early on." But, "that was a really long time ago," he adds. "We understand our mistake."

Paoli, who is the co-creator of the XML specification, is involved with promoting Microsoft's interoperability strategy among key components of cloud networks. It isn't all open source, but it does show Microsoft making an effort to embrace open technologies rather than automatically dismiss them.

Network World has a whole bunch more on the subject (4 pages worth) here .

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