Microsoft Loses Yet Another Appeal, Must pay $290 Million to i4i

Paul Lilly

Microsoft is starting to remind us of Rocky Balboa, except that the battles are taking place in court and we've stopped expecting a last minute comeback. The latest punch to Redmond's gut comes from the U.S. Court of appeals for the Federal Circuit, which rejected Microsoft's request for a rehearing in the patent dispute with Canadian software developer i4i.

"This has been a long and arduous process, but this decision is a powerful reinforcement of the message that smaller enterprises and inventors who own intellectual property can and will be protected," said i4i chairman Owen Louden.

I4i first sued Microsoft back in 2007 alleging that an XML editor built into Word runs afoul of its patent. The Canadian company ultimately won the case along with a $290 million award, while Microsoft continues to lose appeal after appeal.

So is Microsoft finally ready to throw in the towel? Not hardly.

"We continue to believe there are important matters of patent law that still need to be properly addressed, and we are considering our options for going forward," a spokesperson for the company told Reuters .

Cue the Rocky theme.

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