Microsoft Launches Bing Search Engine Ahead of Schedule


Microsoft today let loose its new 'Bing' search engine in beta preview form, which is a few days earlier than we thought they would. For those that might have missed our previous coverage, Bing is the product of Microsoft's Kumo project, a new search engine with revamped algorithms. Microsoft is expected to spend anywhere between $80-$100 million marketing Bing, which is about 6-8 times the amount Google spent marketing its search engine in 2008.

We kicked the tires on the new search engine and our initial impression is that it has the speed to compete with Google and sports a nifty tricks, such as the ability to customize the layout and fine tune search results. But the real tests will be how relevant Bing can kick back search results, and whether or not the general public is willing to look beyond Google, which has become so prominent as to achieve verb status .

Check it out for yourself then hit the jump and tell us what you think.

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