Microsoft Launches Another Awkward Retail Space at Saks Fifth Avenue

Ryan Whitwam

Look, no one’s going to claim that Microsoft has really mastered this whole retail thing. That’s not to say they aren’t trying. The software company that recently brought you a Microsoft Store in Arizona, has now stepped it up to a small PC equipped space in Saks Fifth Avenue in New York .

While the spirit of providing free internet access is certainly appreciated, the design is a little awkward. Maybe the low chairs and high tables are by design; a way to get people to move along quickly? There is also an associated twitter stream for the promotion. You can check it out at #holidaywindows . Tweets from the tag are used to populate a screen in the Saks storefront window.

Microsoft may be a bit on the reactive side, but they were smart enough to know some sneaky internet types might try to spam the tag. Sure enough, if you check the tag online you’ll likely see some pro-Mac content. But Microsoft assures us that there are filters in place so only comments in the holiday spirit make it to the actual Saks windows display.

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