Microsoft Kills Rustock Botnet

Ryan Whitwam

In cooperation with federal law enforcement, Microsoft has announced they managed to take out the prolific Rustock botnet . Rustock was responsible for almost half of the spam in 2010, and its command and control system was highly complicated. Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit spent months investigating the botnet, eventually working with US Marshals to physically seize servers.

The action, with the catchy codename Operation b107, managed to sever the botnet's control over 1 million infected PCs. By examining the seized servers, Microsoft and federal agents used both technical and legal means to silence Rustock just yesterday. Security researchers confirm that the botnet appears to be offline, but question whether it will stay that way.

It's good to hear that a malicious botnet is out of commission, but it looks like other botnets have picked up the slack in spam routing. Do you think there is a better way to deal with botnets and the volume of spam?

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