Microsoft Kills Kin Studio, Verizon Tries to Make Amends

Justin Kerr

The Kin has been a running joke in the tech industry ever since Microsoft pulled the plug just a few months after launch, but it appears as though Microsoft isn’t quite done dragging the brand name through the mud. Anyone who purchased a Kin from Verizon will receive a notice in the coming days informing them that their device will still be able to browse the web, send email, and even stream music, but the Kin Studio social networking service will terminate on January 31st 2011 .

What does this mean for Kin owners? The live home screen and social networking features which set the phone apart will not only stop working, but will be forever frozen in place with information retrieved prior to the service shutting down. Users are encouraged to log into the Kin user site to backup any pictures and videos taken by the phone, since they too will cease to exist after January 31st.

Thankfully, Verizon seems to be willing to replace any zombified Kin’s with a free 3G handset of your choice, which is pretty reasonable considering the phone is still semi functional. Let’s just hope Microsoft learns its lesson this time and finally gives up on the Kin once and for all.

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