Microsoft Kicks Off the Grand Opening of its Mission Viejo Store on Oct. 29

Paul Lilly

The little software company from Redmond plans to open its second Microsoft Store on October 29 in Mission Viejo, California. The store will open at 10AM and, just like before, will feature live entertainment, this time from the likes of Justin Bieber. Customers can snag free tickets for the 5PM show at the Microsoft Store, which will be given away on a first come, first serve basis.

Microsoft will kick off its retail debut one week prior in Scottsdale, Arizona on the same day that Windows 7 launches. According to an ad in the Arizona Republic newspaper, the first 1,000 visitors will receive gift bags and concert tickets. Ashley Tisdale will be on hand to provide the entertainment.

Microsoft didn't say what else would be in the gift bags, nor is it yet known the company will be also be giving away goodies at its Mission Viejo location.

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