Microsoft Job Notice Hints at Development of Next Generation Xbox Console

Paul Lilly

Microsoft may be looking for help developing a successor to the Xbox 360 console. The Redmond outfit posted a job notice on its Careers website looking for a graphics hardware guru in its Interactive Entertainment Business division. News of the position has been spreading like wildfire through cyberspace, prompting speculation that Microsoft is starting to put the pieces together for an Xbox 720, or whatever the next generation console might be called.

The job listing calls for a candidate to "have a broad background in 3D graphics rendering architectures and algorithms (ideally with gaming applications in mind [natch]), 3D software pipelines, and physics." Potential candidates must "also have a solid understanding of graphics hardware implementation, including design methodologies and production yield and cost analysis." Finally, Microsoft says "the candidate must have taken designs from investigations to end-customer shipment during their career."

That sure sounds like the foundation for a hardware launch to us, though don't go tossing your existing Xbox 360 up on eBay or Craigslist just yet. For one, the job posting could be related to a number of things, like a handheld console or another major peripheral like the Kinect. And secondly, even if Microsoft is putting a team in place to develop another Xbox console, a release could still be a long ways off.

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