Microsoft Issued Half a Dozen Problematic Patches Last Tuesday

Paul Lilly

Patches? We don't need no stinkin' patches!

Microsoft has certainly had better Patch Tuesdays than the one that occurred last week. Throughout the week, the Redmond software giant has been pulling faulty security updates and re-issuing patches, and assuming it's all sorted out now, the total number of bad updates comes to six. They include KB 2876063, KB 2859537, KB 2843872, KB 2843638, KB 2843639, and KB 286846.

All six were released on Tuesday. One of the patches -- KB 2876063 -- was intended to patch a remote code execution hole in Exchange Server 2013. But after installing the update, the content index for mailbox databases shows as failed and the Exchange search host controller service is renamed, reports .

That wasn't the only problem. A Windows kernal patch has been causing problems with some games, in particular Rift and Defiance, both of which are prone to crash after authentication. It's even been linked to Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) errors on Windows 7 systems.

At least four of the patches for Active Directly Federation Services (ADFS) have been pulled for various problems, some of which have been re-released.

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