Microsoft is Paying Upwards of $100,000 To Secure Key Windows Phone 8 Apps

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Microsoft throws money at the problem.

Sources close to Microsoft have confirmed that the tech giant is determined to prop up its Windows Phone 8 App Store, and it’s willing to bust out the big boy checkbook to do it. According to Business Insider , Microsoft has offered several top tier developers upwards of $100,000 to bring key apps to its mobile platform, and that’s in addition to smaller incentives currently open to anyone.

For the month of June Microsoft is also offering developers of any size a cool $100 for any app that gets published to the store up to a maximum of $2,000. This could certainly help Microsoft pad the numbers a bit on paper, but it won’t help with the quality vs. quantity argument. That’s where the big payouts come into play. If Microsoft can write a check to convince just a few more key developers to join the platform, Windows Phone could end up being the only viable alternative to Apple and Google in the mobile space.

Buying your way into a market is a questionable and expensive strategy, but it also shows Microsoft’s commitment to the platform. Will throwing money at the app problem make it go away? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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