Microsoft Introduces Native ISO Mounting In Windows 8

Brad Chacos

What’s your favorite ISO mounting program? Daemon Tools Lite? Alcohol 120%? There are plenty of options out there, but regardless of which application you’re using at the moment, you may consider kicking it to the curb with the arrival of Windows 8. We’ve already tipped you off about the ribbon-based interface in Microsoft’s upcoming OS ; now comes word that Windows 8 will be able to mount ISO files (and VHDs, too!) natively.

That gush of wind you just heard was the relieved exhalation of millions of gamers and movie buffs. Microsoft decided to (finally) implement the ability to mount ISOs because one, hard drives keep reaching higher and higher storage capabilities, and two, requiring people to carry around cases full of CDs seems kind of silly in these slim-form tablet and Ultrabook days. Rajeev Nagar, a program manager in Microsoft's Storage & File Systems group, gave a rundown of the new feature on the Building Windows 8 blog .

So how does this work in Windows 8? It’s quite simple – just “mount” the ISO file (you can select mount from the enhanced Explorer ribbon or double-click or right-click on the file), and a new drive letter appears, indicating that the contents are now readily accessible.

Okay, now that we’re almost done, we have to take back something we said in the intro; don’t toss that copy of ISO Recorder in the Recycle Bin just yet. While the ability to mount and run ISO images will be included in Windows 8, Nagar implies that you still won’t be able to create ISO files of your own with the OS.

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