Microsoft, HP "Slate PC" Is Not the Courier Tablet You've Been Waiting For


Yesterday, the New York Times reported that Microsoft and HP would unveil a slate PC during Steve Ballmer's evening keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show. And that is actually what happened. But the Hewlett-Packard tablet that Ballmer showed to those in attendance failed to create any palpable buzz.

If anything, the tablet dampened hopes of Microsoft setting the bar quite high for Apple's rumored tablet by unveiling a truly revolutionary slate of its own at CES2010. Being a Windows 7-powered tablet, it was anything but avant-garde.

A lot of people thought – or actually hoped - that Microsoft would unveil something based on its Courier tablet prototype, but it wasn't to be. All said, not a lot is known is about the HP tablet and the version of Windows 7 that it runs.

Image Credit: BBC

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