Microsoft Hopes to Woo Students with Windows 8 Upgrade Discount

Pulkit Chandna

Offer to be available to students in 50 countries

With the introductory Windows 8 upgrade discount offer set to expire today, now is a good time to snag a $40 Windows 8 Pro upgrade license for those who have a favorable opinion of the operating system and are considering an upgrade. Because once normal Windows 8 update pricing takes effect tomorrow, you will have to shell out as much as $199 for an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro or $119 if you opt for the Windows 8 upgrade edition. But U.S. students and faculty members interested in Windows 8 don’t need to worry all that much about the pricing reset, as Microsoft has announced a special discount offer exclusively for them.

Beginning Friday, February 1, 2013,  U.S. students will be able to download the Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition for $69.99 (limited to five discounted copies over a 12-month period) “if they have a valid e-mail address through a qualifying education institution and a PC that is currently running a genuine copy of Windows XP (XP3), Windows Vista or Windows 7.”  This does not mean students elsewhere will get left behind. The Windows 8 student offer will witness a graduated roll out across 49 additional countries through March 19, 2013.

“For students, Windows 8 offers the best for work and play and with the new Start screen that makes it super easy to organize, access and find what matters most to you,” Microsoft blogger Brandon LeBlanc wrote in a blog post announcing the Windows 8 student offer. ”With Windows 8, students can download apps from the Windows Store like Microsoft OneNote or Evernote for taking notes in class or Skype to stay connected with friends and family.“

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