Microsoft Helps Retailers Dump Surface RT Inventory with $150 Price Cut

Paul Lilly

Surface RT now available at a more reasonable price

On hindsight, Microsoft overestimated the demand for its ARM-based Surface RT tablets and the willingness of consumers to pay $500 for an unproven slate. What made Surface RT an even tougher sell at the original asking price is that Android slates have been getting much more affordable in recent months. Stuck with all that stock, Microsoft is reportedly planning to slash $150 off the price of Surface RT.

News of the impending price cut came courtesy of The Verge , which itself obtained the information from "sources familiar with Microsoft's Surface plans." As of this writing, Microsoft is still selling Surface RT for $499 (32GB) and $599 (64GB) on its website, though at least one retail partner has already confirmed the price cut.

A Staples ad lists the 32GB Surface RT at $349 with no mention of this being a sale price or otherwise a temporary price cut. Expect more retailers to follow suit. When they do, you'll be able to find Surface RT 64GB for $449, Surface RT 32GB with Touch Cover for $449, and Surface RT 64GB with Touch Cover for $549.

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