Microsoft Goes After iPhone Users with Minimum $200 Trade Offer Towards a Windows Phone

Paul Lilly

Trade in program kicks off on Friday

Tired of your iPhone? Not digging the direction Apple is going with its recent iOS 7 update? If so, Microsoft has at least 200 reasons why you might want to consider ditching your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 in favor of a Windows Phone . Starting this Friday, Microsoft Stores will begin offering a minimum $200 in-store credit for recent iPhone models, and while you can spend the gift card on anything you want in the store, it's Microsoft's hope that you'll grab a Windows Phone.

It's part of Microsoft's Time to Switch campaign, according to Forbes and its "inside source" that's leaking out company info. If it turns out to be true, this would follow a recent program in which Microsoft was encouraging iPad users to ditch their iOS tablet for Surface.

Of course, you can always sell your device on eBay or Craigslist for a nice sum, assuming it's in good condition, but $200 for an iPhone 4S isn't too shabby on Microsoft's part. Plus, you avoid the hassle of potential non-paying bidders, buyer disputes, seller fees, etc.

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform is in a distant third place behind iOS and Android, though it did recently surpass BlackBerry in market share.

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