Microsoft Gives Slowpokes an Extra Month to Install Windows 8.1 Update

Paul Lilly

Windows 8.1 users now have until June 10th to install the Windows 8.1 Update

Microsoft is all about grace periods and delayed deadlines lately. For example, the discovery of a pretty serious zero-day bug in Internet Explorer came shortly after Microsoft ended support for Windows XP, though in a show of good faith, the Redmond outfit included XP in an out-of-cycle patch. Fast forward to today and Microsoft is announcing that it's giving Windows 8.1 users an additional month to apply the Windows 8.1 Update before dropping support.

Previously Microsoft had set the deadline for May 13 (tomorrow, which also happens to be Patch Tuesday). However, the new deadline to install the first major Update (you can think of it as a Service Pack) is now June 10, 2014.

"While we believe the majority of people have received the update, we recognize that not all have. Having our customers running their devices with the latest updates is super important to us. And we’re committed to helping ensure their safety. As a result, we’ve decided to extend the requirement for our consumer customers to update their devices to the Windows 8.1 Update in order to receive security updates another 30 days to June 10th," Microsoft stated in a blog post .

Those who ignore the deadline and refuse to install the Windows 8.1 Update for whatever reason will no longer receive security updates after the deadline. That is, unless you're a business user, in which case the deadline is still set for August 12, 2014.

If you have Automatic Updates enabled, you don't have to worry about the deadline, so long as you have an active Internet connection.

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