Microsoft Gets "Creative" with Anti-linux Training Materials

Pulkit Chandna

Microsoft’s insecurity has forced it to mount an anti-Linux indoctrination campaign . It is now trying to becharm Best Buy employees with the carrot of dirt cheap Windows 7 copies for those that answer some simple question, which are part of its highly biased “Comparing Windows 7 to Linux-based PCs” training module.

According to an anonymous forum poster, who posted screenshots of the training module on , Best Buy employees are being offered a Windows 7 retail copy for only $10, if they can suppress their conscience to subserviently toe Microsoft’s line. The training material mocks Linux’s supposed incompatibly with popular games, gadgets and software. Windows 7 for just $10 is quite a steal, though the most fervid of Linux supporters might find their end of the bargain to be worth more than a Windows 7 copy, howsoever cheap.

Image Credit: Gizmodo

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