Microsoft Flips the Switch on Developer Channel for Internet Explorer

Paul Lilly

Following in the footsteps of the competition

If you want to know what the next version of Mozilla's Firefox browser will be like, you can opt for the beta or even Aurora release. The same is true of Google's Chrome browser -- there are different channels, including Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary (the only one that runs parallel to the others without any tweaking). But what about Internet Explorer? Taking a page from the competition, Microsoft today announced the release of the Internet Explorer Developer Channel , a fully functional browser designed to give web developers and early adopters an early look at the web platform and upcoming features.

Like Google's Canary build for Chrome, IE Developer Channel can run independently of IE11, so you can take a test drive into the future without giving up your daily (stable) driver. The Dev build is supposed to have all the same features as IE11 too, and of course new ones that are still being worked on.

Speaking of which, you'll find an enhanced debugging experience in the Dev version, along with richer analysis capabilities, improved navigation with more keyboard shortcuts and a new header notification, and more. For gamers, the Dev build also offers support for the emerging Gamepad API standard that lets you use JavaScript to add gamepad support to web apps and games. You can try it out now by attaching an Xbox 360 controller.

Microsoft promises this is the first of many more Developer Channel releases. In the meantime, the first one is available now for both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 customers running IE11.

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