Microsoft Finds Its Way Back to PC Gaming, Plans to Launch Several First Party Titles

Paul Lilly

Welcome back, Microsoft

Gaming has long been a driving force on the PC, though sometimes it's easy to forget when companies put so much focus on dedicated consoles. Even Microsoft is guilty of turning its back on the PC gamer to some extent. Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer admitted as much, saying he and his company "lost our way a bit in supporting Windows games," but that's in the past. Looking ahead, Spencer and company have found renewed interest in PC gaming.

"You'll see us doing more stuff on Windows. We probably have more individual projects on Windows than we've had in ten years at Microsoft Studios," Spencer told ShackNews at an event previewing the Xbox One.

Spencer went on to say that these aren't casual or lightweight titles he and his team are working on, either. Microsoft already covered those grounds when Windows 8 launched. Out of the 30 games available in the Windows Store during launch, most were casual titles.

"We've covered all of that property now. Now we're starting to look at bigger and core gamer things," Spencer said. "I'm excited about that."

So are we, provided this doesn't turn out to be lip service.

Image Credit: Flickr (Wade Rockett)

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