Microsoft Finalizes Design of Kinect for Windows Version 2 Sensor

Paul Lilly

Microsoft gives a glimpse of the Kinect for Windows v2's final hardware design

Despite the occasional rumors to the contrary, Microsoft has held firm that the second generation Kinect motion control senor bundled with its Xbox One console would not work with Windows, and that a special version for Windows would eventually be released. That day still hasn't come, however Microsoft did decide to show off what the final hardware will look like for the Kinect for Windows Version 2 .

It doesn't look any different from its console counterpart except that it says "Kinect" on the top panel, and the stylized green "x" is just a simple power indicator.

Outside of its appearance, Microsoft talked a little bit about the hardware, saying it needs a hub and power supply to work. The hub accepts three connections -- one for the sensor, another for USB 3.0 output, and power, which supports voltages from 100 to 240 volts.

"As this first look at the Kinect for Windows v2 hardware indicates, we're getting closer and closer to launch. So stay tuned for more updates on the next generation of Kinect for Windows," Microsoft said .

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