Microsoft Feeling Windows Phone Update Woes

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft took great pains to talk up the ease of the Windows Phone update process when announcing the OS. It was their intention to draw a clear distinction between WP7, and the haphazard Android update process. Despite what we can only assume is their best effort, some serious issues are cropping up with this first small update.

A number of Samsung phones appear to have trouble downloading and installing the update, which is provided through the Zune software. The devices reported an error code (RESTORATION ERROR - Error Code C101002E), and became inoperable. We should point out that it is believed only a small number of phones were affected. However, it was enough that Microsoft has pulled the update while they search for the problem.

The Windows Phone platform has had a bit of trouble getting going. Microsoft has yet to release actual sales numbers, and promised software updates have been slow to come. Do you think this incident will hurt the platform?

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