Microsoft Entices Last Gen Console Owners with $75 Credit to Upgrade to Xbox One

Paul Lilly

The upgrade pot just got sweetened

Are you clinging tight to your Xbox 360 console? Microsoft hopes to loosen your grip with an upgrade offer that it's been sending out to some last generation console owners in hopes that they'll upgrade to an Xbox One. For users who receive the message on their last generation console, they'll receive a $75 promotional code with the purchase of any Xbox One or Xbox One bundle.

A screenshot of the promotion appears on a forum post at Neogaf . According to the text, the code can be used for games, add-ons, movies, and more.

Microsoft's been pulling all kinds of tricks out of its sleeve to make the Xbox One a more attractive option than the PlayStation 4. Earlier in the year, Microsoft rolled out a Xbox One with Titanfall and Kinect bundle, and more recently, the Redmond outfit has begun offering just the console itself (no Kinect sensor) for $399.

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