Microsoft Denies Link Between Kinect and Red Ring of Death

Paul Lilly

Call it a coincidence or call it Kinect-gate, but as far as ten-year-old Adam Winnifrith is concerned, Microsoft's Kinect motion controller caused his Xbox 360 to give up the ghost, the UK's BBC reports .

"We plugged [the Kinect] in the day we got it but only played it a few times before we got the red lights. The next day when we tried it again we still had the red rings of death and haven't been able to use it since," Winnifrith said.

Microsoft says there isn't any link between the Kinect and the infamous RRoD syndrome, saying the Kinect has been "designed to work with every Xbox 360 sold to date." That comes as little consolation to gamers complaining on message boards of similar problems to Winnifrith's.

"I have never had a single issue with my Xbox. I got the Kinect for Christmas and the screen starting freezing randomly. Then on New Year's eve...BAM I got the red ring. Very sad," one user claims.

Despite a handful of complaints, Microsoft contends "there is no correlation between the three flashing red lights error and Kinect. Any new instances of the three flashing red lights error are merely coincidental."

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