Microsoft Dangles Cash Bait to Lure Developers to WinPho 7


Microsoft is not averse to spending big in hope of making inroads into businesses where it has little say. It wants to be seen as a force to be reckoned with in the smartphone arena after it launches Windows Phone 7 later this year. As a strong developer community is critical to a modern smartphone platform, the company is doing all it can to lure application developers toward its upcoming mobile OS.

It is even willing to co-fund Windows Phone 7 projects . "We have a long history of engaging with developers to offer support in the creation of compelling apps. The limited use of co-funding to help initiate strategic projects is not new to Microsoft; furthermore, developers tell us that we do not engage in any co-funding activity outside the scope of our competitors," Microsoft said in a statement.

Again, this is not much of a surprise coming from a company that is spending huge sums to acquire search traffic for its Bing search engine.

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