Microsoft Cracking Down on Cracked Software Sellers


For obvious reasons, Microsoft has never held a soft spot for software pirates, and according to TGDaily, the Redmond company has opened fire with a number of lawsuits aimed at companies allegedly distributing counterfeit software.

The cases are pretty widespread, including one against Kiev Camera USA and Mikhail Fourman, an individual accused of selling illegal software in Atlanta, Georgia and on the Internet.

Similar cases have been filed against BC Tech Gear, Dallas Computer Parts, The Computer Shop (aka, Seifelden Electronics, Royal Distribution, and Viosoftware Corporation, TGDaily reports.

In addition to going on a legal rampage, Microsoft has also just launched an education and enforcement campaign in over 70 countries. Microsoft claims over 150,000 voluntary reports have come in over the past two years from victims who unknowingly purchased counterfeit software, which Microsoft says often comes "riddled with viruses or malware."

More info here . Oh, and pat yourself on the back if you identified the disc on the right as the counterfeit.

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