Microsoft Could Use Kinect for Personalized Ads

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft is riding high on the recent release of Windows Phone 7 and Kinect. But if you thought the Redmond company was all through jamming their collective feet in their mouths, think again. Microsoft's Dennis Durkin made some rather interesting comments at a recent investment summit. He told investors, in part, that Kinect could be used to determine who is in the room, what they're doing, and even what they are wearing. All this to more effectively serve up ads.

"And over time that will help us be more targeted about what content choices we present, what advertising we present, how we get better feedback," said Durkin. This was always the fear, but most dismissed it as a paranoid delusion. And indeed, the Microsoft Kinect privacy policy does state that this sort of data collection is not allowed.

Microsoft has denied that these statements in any way outline their plans for Kinect. However, it would seem someone at Microsoft has at least been kicking around the idea. Do you think this is an inevitability, or just tinfoil hat fodder?

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