Microsoft Contest Offers Free Windows Phones To Talkative Android Malware Victims

Brad Chacos

Everywhere you turn these days, it seems as though the headlines are filled with horror stories of Android phones riddled with malware. Even apps you snag on Android Market can infect your phone (although those are rare and often quickly removed). Microsoft has been paying attention to the news and decided to kick Google where it hurts with a new social media campaign. Have you been bitten by some Android malware and want to switch to (possibly) greener pastures? If you share your sob story on Twitter, Microsoft might just send you a shiny new Windows Phone as a technological band-aid.

Microsoft “PC Evangelist” Ben Rudolph kicked off the …unorthodox marketing campaign with the tweet you see above . Plenty of people are sharing their #droidrage stories , though the hashtag is also being flooded by sarcastic/pissed off Android lovers and folks who think the marketing campaign is a low blow by Microsoft.  What do you think: is #droidrage underhand or brilliant? (Personally, I think it’s funny.)

And hey, if you want to try and get one of those five Windows Phones that are being given away, Rudolph just tweeted that he’s still taking sob story submissions for a few more hours.

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