Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Launches New Company


Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen may not be as popularly synonymous with wealth as is his more illustrious peer Bill Gates, but he has been among the richest people of the world for many years on the trot. Now he has decided to use a modicum of his immense wealth for a fresh business venture.

He has launched Xiant, a software company, which will be developing “tools that make your time at the computer as productive as possible.” Its inaugural product called Xiant Filer is an email organizing software. The tool is compatible with Outlook Express and currently in beta.

Xiant Filer can automatically organize incoming mail messages by choosing the correct subfolder for depositing each message. According to Allen’s new company, the software becomes smarter the more you use it.

It appears to be meant for really popular people with mailboxes inundated with messages. However, anyone can try it for free as the beta version can be downloaded from Xiant’s website.

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Image Credit: SeattleWeekly

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