Microsoft Co-Founder Loses Massive Patent Infringement Case

Paul Lilly

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen once convinced Bill Gates to drop out of Harvard, and we all know how the rest of that story goes. Allen may have lost some of those persuasive skills over the years, as he was unable to convince U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman to rule in his favor in a patent infringement suit in which Allen pointed the finger at no less than 11 companies, Arstechnica reports .

Through his patent holding company, Allen filed the lawsuit back in August, which included complaints against Apple, Facebook, Ebay, Google, Netflix, Staples, Yahoo, YouTube, and several more. According to Allen, these 11 companies violated four patents having to do with how browsers navigate information and holding a viewer's attention.

"Plaintiff only indicates that Defendants have websites, hardware, and software that infringe on the patents or that they are encouraging third parties to use products that infringe on the patents," Pechman wrote. "This fails to indicate to Defendants which of their myriad products or devices may be at issue."

This probably isn't the end of the road for Allen's lawsuit. While he did lose this round, Pechman gave him until December 28 to file an amended complaint.

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