Microsoft Closer to Xbox TV Service

Ryan Whitwam

It’s no secret that Microsoft has intentions to make the Xbox 360 a more robust home entertainment device, and the rumors have been that they intend to do that by getting more video content . According to Bloomberg, Redmond is in talks with Comcast and Verizon to get pay TV content on the console. New streaming offerings could be announced as early as next week.

It was back at E3 that Microsoft talked up TV services, but other than an ESPN tie-in, little has come of it. In addition to working with cable operators, deals are being worked out with channels like HBO and Bravo. This could come together to make Microsoft a real competitor in digital video streaming.

This couldn’t be a better time to do it either. Netflix is still dealing with the PR nightmare kicked off by the announcement that the company would be splitting in two. Do you think Microsoft's console gives them the necessary leverage to compete?

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