Microsoft Claims that April 12th Will Be "Time to Share"

Paul Lilly

If sharing is caring, then Microsoft is going to be doing a whole lot of caring next Monday. How do we know? The Redmond software giant sent out invites for an event on April 12th that said "It's time to share."

Unfortunately, that's all Microsoft was willing to divulge, so we're left to speculate what exactly the company plans to share, and whether or not we should care. The general consensus is that this is a press event for Microsoft's upcoming smartphones.

"A few weeks ago, tipsters leaked us photos and marketing materials for Microsoft's 'Pink' feature phones, littered with the motto, 'Make Your Network More Social.' The graphic design in the invites is similar to that in our leaked materials, as is the hipstery tone and aesthetic," Gizmodo deduces .

Gizmodo's detective work is right on the money, at least according to Ina Fried over at CNet, who said an un-named source confirmed Microsoft will be showing off new phones. More specifically, Fried says the devices, code-named Pure and Turtle, are both slider phones with a touchscreen and keyboard. Both devices are rumored to run on Verizon's Wireless network and will go on sale not longer after the press event.

Image Credit: Flickr ryancr

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