Microsoft Calls Out Google's Privacy Changes In Newspaper Ads

Brad Chacos

Microsoft's never been one to shy away from a fight with Google; when Microsoft recently signed LG to an Android licensing deal, several Redmond bigwigs taunted Google with a series of mocking Tweets. Now, Microsoft's sending yet another attack dog into the fight: ads running in several major U.S. newspapers that attempts to stir up feelings of resentment over Google's recent privacy policy changes.

You can see a full image of the ad here on Microsoft's TechNet website , but here's a choice excerpt:

Google is in the process of making some unpopular changes to some of their most popular products. Those changes, cloaked in language like "transparency," "simplicity" and "consistency" are really about one thing: making it easier for Google to connect the dots between everything you search, send, say or stream while using one of their services .

But, the way they're doing it is making it harder for you to maintain control of your personal information. Why are they so interested in doing this that they would risk that kind of backlash? One logical reason: EVERY DATA POINT THEY COLLECT AND CONNECT TO YOU INCREASES HOW VALUABLE YOU ARE TO AN ADVERTISER .

It goes on, but we think you get the gist. Microsoft's solution to the Google privacy problem is one you probably expected: why not try switching to Bing, Hotmail, IE or Microsoft Office 365?

How do Google's privacy changes sit with you? Will you jump ship at Microsoft's suggestion, or do you consider the hubbub much ado about nothing?

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