Microsoft Brings SkyDrive Into HTML5 Era

Pulkit Chandna

Among a host of other things, Microsoft is also a veteran of the cloud storage game. Its SkyDrive cloud storage service has been around for almost four years now, during which time over 100 million people have tried it. But Microsoft admittedly sees plenty of room for improvement. To this end, it has given an HTML5 makeover to its cloud storage service.

The new version has not come as a surprise to us - at least not entirely, as in recent weeks there were a few rumors of such an update being at hand. According to Omar Shahine, SkyDrive group program manager, the new version leverages HTML5 and modern browsers, making the service “faster, easier to navigate, and more beautiful for viewing photos.”

‘While we have always focused on improving the performance of our websites, it was clear that we had reached a point where the kinds of performance gains we were hoping for would not come without an assessment of our entire experience from the ground up,” Shahine wrote in a blog post .

“The SkyDrive team hopes you enjoy these improvements. This release represents the beginning of a lot of things we’re excited to bring you, and we’re looking forward to shedding more light on those features as they take shape.”

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