Microsoft Believes it Has What it Takes to Upstage Netbooks and Macs

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft has been exuding confidence ever since Windows 7 made the tech scene a while back. Now they’re reaffirming their lack of concern over competition in the OS market. Microsoft’s Charles Songhurst said that netbooks will not hurt Windows 7. He also brushed aside questions about Intel’s Moblin Linux distro, and Google’s (still vaporware) Chrome OS. Songhurst indicated that being free isn’t enough to beat Windows.

Windows 7’s improved performance on netbooks, combined with users’ familiarity with the Windows interface may help Microsoft protect its market share. The Redmond giant also feels confident about business users staying clear of Macs. "If they are not compelling to the CIO, they are not going to make inroads in the enterprise," said Songhurst.

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