Microsoft Begins Distributing Windows Phone 7 "NoDo" Update

Ryan Whitwam

After a delay of several months, Microsoft has started pushing out the first full-scale update to the Windows Phone 7 platform. The so-called NoDo update brings some much anticipated features, like copy and paste. The rollout is starting slow, with unbranded devices getting the update notification first. Carrier branded devices might be a whole different story though.

NoDo it's the most comprehensive update a mobile platform has ever received, but it does address some real pain points. Other than copy/paste functionality, NoDo will bring faster app resuming, better Marketplace search, and general performance tweaks. The update will be distributed through the Zune client software over the coming days or weeks.

Some carriers (AT&T, Orange, and O2) have been accused of holding back on the previous smaller update. O2 users should be getting the update in a few days, but no other carriers have said either way. Do you think this update helps the platform enough to give it traction?

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