Microsoft Announces Windows Summit May, Windows 8 Not on Agenda

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft is having a Windows conference in May , but don’t get your hopes up, no Windows 8 news is expected. The so-called Windows Summit is designed to help software and hardware makers to develop products and services that work well with the current versions of Windows and Internet Explorer. The Three day event is currently scheduled for May 25-27.

According to a Microsoft statement to Cnet, they are looking to attract developers “who are looking to engage with Microsoft on an intimate level or who haven't engaged with Microsoft in the past 18 months.” Sounds awkward. A (hopefully not as awkward) keynote will be given by Microsoft General Manager Mike Angiulo. Registration for the event will cost $399.

The conference will probably not contain any big news, to our dismay. Attendees are not even required to sign non-disclosure agreements. It seems like Microsoft is looking to reach out to new developers, and encourage them to work on Windows 7 and IE8. We have an idea how Microsoft could get said developers fired up. It involves a certain sweaty CEO pumping his fists and chanting “developers”. Who wouldn’t love that?

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