Microsoft Announces Record Revenue, Investors Shrug

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft just can't catch a break. The tech giant reported their quarterly results , and they managed to beat analyst expectations. Microsoft had revenue of $16.43 billion for the which is a 13% increase from a year ago. Income was $5.23 billion, or about 61 cents per share. So why is Microsoft feeling down about these admittedly huge numbers? The market isn't impressed. Redmond is seeing stock dip 2% in after-hours trading.

It seem as though just announcing financial data, no matter how good, simply reminds investors Microsoft exists. That apparently is enough to cause a small sell-off. Most of the trepidation regarding Microsoft's future comes from the recent influx of tablet and mobile phone products in the market. Microsoft is perceived as not playing in that world very well. For better or worse, investors are worried enough that Microsoft shares have dropped 14% in the last year.

A bright spot for Microsoft is the success of the Xbox and Kinect. These products, along with Office propelled the company to these record profits. Now if only someone would care.

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