Microsoft Announces 320GB Xbox Slim Hard Drive

Ryan Whitwam

Since Microsoft released the new Xbox 360, users haven’t had much choice in storage space, just that spendy $130 250GB add-on drive. Now Redmond is upping the ante a bit with a new 320GB drive , and is keeping the price set at $130. Still expensive, but this one does come with a little bonus.

In most regions, the 320GB drive will come with Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Slovakia won’t get the game as an add-on or otherwise, sadly. For those that want the $60 game, this definitely sweetens the deal. Strangely, the 250GB drive will not be getting a price drop, it’s being discontinued completely.

This change to 320GB drives was not unexpected. Several special edition consoles have shipped with these drives, as opposed to the smaller 250GB drives. $130 might be a bit steep, but it’s nothing new for Xbox users that want expanded storage.

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