Microsoft: Angriest Android Users Get a Free Windows Phone

Paul Lilly

Been burned by Android malware? If so, Microsoft wants to hear from you, via Twitter, for a chance to score a free Windows Phone device. Microsoft's promotion ties into the recent RuFraud Android scam, in which third-party apps masquerading as legitimate programs like Angry Birds rack up premium SMS charges on the sly. Microsoft wants users to post their #droidrage story as it attempts to capitalize on the hysteria.

"More malware on Android! Been hit? Share yr #droidrage story to win a #windowsphone upgrade. 5 best (worst?) win!," Microsoft's Ben Rudolph posted to Twitter .

Microsoft's promotion has drawn some horror stories already, but it's also backfired with numerous tweets taking the Redmond software maker to task.

"Android malware victims offered free WinPhones by MS (Haven't they suffered enough?)," @deadlymedia tweeted .

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