Microsoft and Yahoo Gaming Search Share, ComScore Not Pleased

Ryan Whitwam

Analytics company comScore has recently been seeing an increase in the share of the search market claimed by Microsoft's Bing and Yahoo. But according to the stat tracker, both companies are using some shady practices to game the system. Both search engines have been placing links on their web pages that are actually search queries. So when a user clicks them, it appears they did a search on the company's search engine. Yahoo and Microsoft image slideshows too have been engineered to show up as searches. ComScore is now saying they will try to correct for this practice .

ComScore plans to continue as normal for the rest of the quarter, but as early as July they could start shaking things up. In a statement comScore said the issue, "calls for a thoughtful review of how we classify various types of searches, count them and report them." Could it be some of Bing's notable gains are ill-gotten? Wee'll be watching to see if next quarter's numbers tell a different story.

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