Microsoft and HP Now More Teamed Up than Ever

Pulkit Chandna

Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard have announced a new three-year pact worth $250 million. Although their friendship goes back many years, this new deal is the acme of their proximity. They plan to conquer the enterprise market by bundling their hardware and software together, with the new partnership spanning engineering, sales and marketing.

The fact that the two companies are leaders in their respective industries explains why they chose to name their new partnership “Frontline.” They are following the lead of some other big IT companies that have combined forces and solutions to sell integrated IT stacks.

If you are struggling to grasp the exact nature of the partnership, then you are not alone. Apparently, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and HP CEO Mark Hurd were so busy raving about their partnership that they forgot to divulge any lucid details. But the information posted on Microsoft Technet does seem to be of some help: “Microsoft and HP will deliver ‘Smart Bundles’ for small and medium businesses. These are a combination of hardware and software, including HP server, storage and networking solutions, coupled with Windows Server Hyper-V and HP Insight software, delivered in a single, cost-effective package.”

The partnership will also provide a lot of impetus to the Windows Azure Platform, “with HP offering services, and Microsoft continuing to include HP hardware for Windows Azure infrastructure.”

Image Credit: The Guardian

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