Microsoft, Advertisers Join Forces To Bring Motion-Sensing NUAds To Xbox Live

Brad Chacos

Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold is kind of like Hulu Plus in that even though you pay a subscription fee for the service, it still dishes up a heaping of ads for your viewing displeasure. Thus far, they've mostly been unobtrusive and ignorable, but a recent announcement heralds a whole new era of advertising annoyance: Microsoft has sold its first NUAds, clips that bug you to utilize your Kinect to talk or shake your fist in response to the product plugs.

At this point, NUAds don't let you buy products directly. Can you imagine getting a bill for your kid pointing at the TV? Instead, advertisers are using them to receive instant feedback from viewers. "The first NUads format to roll out offers polling capabilities that allow advertisers to ask a multiple-choice question during the airing of a 30-second spot," Microsoft explains .

A Toyota ad will ask what you want to see changed in a car, then allow you to point to or say the name of specific portions of the vehicle. A NUAd for Axe "will ask the audience if (the Axe Effect for Him and Her body spray) should be given to girls" and wait for a voice response. Unilever and Samsung have also signed up to for NUAds.

What do you think of the NUAds concept? Are you leaping for the chance to physically catch the monkey and WIN BIG?

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