Microsoft, Adobe See Room for Propriety Technologies Despite HTML5

Ryan Whitwam

It’s often said that HTML5 will take over the web and push out the current mishmash of standards. Microsoft and Adobe would like to respectfully disagree with that . At the recent Open Source Business Conference executives from both companies said they believe the future of the web will include their proprietary formats, Flash and Silverlight.

Microsoft did have nice things to say about HTML5 though. They plan to use the standard in conjunction with their own plug-ins. Adobe too said they’d utilize HTML5, pointing to their web tools space. Of open source in general, both execs agreed that it could be an efficient way to distribute software.

The battle for multimedia delivery is still just getting under way, but plug-ins (especially Flash) have a big head start. Do you think HTML5 will come out on top, or are we looking at a mixture of standards?

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