Microsoft Adds Tabs, Social Stream in Messenger 2010

Maximum PC Staff

Microsoft continues to plug away at Wave 4 updates of Windows Live. And the blogosphere continues to gnaw gristle about what changes these updates might include. Fresh meat has been tossed into the mix by Neowin, which claims to have received screenshots of an updated Messenger showing tabs and social streaming in the interface.

Social streaming is the more interesting of the two new features. Parsing Neowin, it appears that realtime updates of friends' Facebook entires, tweets, and blog posts, if enabled, will be displayed on the left side of the Messenger window. The streaming will be managed through Windows Live.

Tabs are a bit more mundane, but are a feature Messenger users have been asking for, and Microsoft promising. Tabs permit the hosting of several conversations in the same window, making it easier for users to manage.

Neowin notes nothing yet is written in stone, but that these screenshots do offer some useful insight into the direction that Messenger might take in its 2010 incarnation.

Image Credit: Neowin

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