Microsoft Adds Recipes to Bing Search Results

Pulkit Chandna

Bing has been successful in holding its own in the online search market mainly due to the fact that it is more than just a new facade for a dilapidated building. The same could not be said about Microsoft's previous attempts at reviving its online search business, though. Now, Bing has added another useful feature to its search results: Bing Recipes . Searching for your favorite recipes on the internet just got simpler with the introduction of this new feature.

Every query for a food item or its recipe is now greeted with recipes from popular recipe websites. The recipes are listed in a very neat manner along with their user ratings and a simple calorie meter to make the post-meal choice between the staircase and the elevator easier. The menu on the left of the screen can help sort the recipes based on convenience, occasion, ingredients, user ratings, cuisine, course and/or cooking method.

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