Microsoft Adds New Security Measures to Hotmail Accounts

Paul Lilly

Microsoft is making a concerted effort to beef up the security of Hotmail email accounts, the Redmond outfit announced in a blog post this week.

"Last week we purged hijackers from legitimate Hotmail accounts that had been identified as compromised, and earlier this month we used legal action to take down a range of domains used by hijackers known as the Waledac botnet ," Microsoft said. "Today, we are releasing new features to safeguard everyone's account from hijackers."

Those safeguards include two new "proofs" for account recovery. One involves linking your Hotmail account to one or more of your PCs, so if you need to reset your account, you just need to be using your PC. The second proof option is your cell phone number, where you can receive a secret code via SMS to reset your password.

You can read the changes in detail here .

Image Credit: Microsoft

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