Microsoft to Address 22 Vulnerabilities This Patch Tuesday

Maximum PC Staff

If you’re the type that doesn’t just let Windows Update run amuck on your system, you might want to make sure you pay extra attention this Patch Tuesday, and roll out the fixes to your machines sooner rather than later. According to Microsoft it plans to issue 12 separate patches to address 22 vulnerabilities , 3 of which are rated “critical” which is the most serious rating a fix can carry.

The most serious issue we could pick out from the list is a CSS exploit in Internet Explorer that can lead to arbitrary code execution, however disabling Java Script or simply not using IE can protect you between now and Tuesday. Virtually all of Microsoft’s supported operating systems are impacted by the vulnerabilities, so make sure these get applied ASAP.

Hit up the ARS Technica link to check out all 12 bulletins and which OS’s are impacted.

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